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Just one more flight...
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Yes, I originally thought a single gyro on the roll was all I needed to help stop wing rock at high angels of attack. This, worked so I put one on the yaw as well. This was all I needed for high AOA.

Then I got one for the pitch just to see. Thats when I found I could move my CG way back and it held it for me.

So I rely on the roll and yaw gyro to hold me steady when I am at high AOA and hovering, and my pitch gyro for landings mostly. Its when you slow a tail heavy plane down to land is when it most flips up and goes out of control.

Its so worth a try if you guys have a plane that is unstable or to fast on the roll or pitch, or just want to smooth things out! I think this idea would be perfect for aerial photography. I think any gyro will work too, I used a cheap-o one.

- Dave
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