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SU-35 Simple Gyro-Stabilization!

Passing some info for all the guys that like to try something new. I'm working on a big project here with alot going on, but here is one simple tip that you might find useful for your regular airplane:

A simple gyro on the pitch allows me to move my CG way back and gives me way more maneuverability AND stability!

I've just done maybe 10 flights with the gyros in and WOW do I love it. It allows me do take the plane alot farther than I could without them.

A simple gyro like this put on your pitch control (elevator) would allow you to move your CG back and be more stable. Or if you have a plane thats unstable on the roll, put one on there, whatever. Bottom line, they worked a heck of alot better than I thought they would.

Lots more info in the video here:
SUPER ADVANCED RC JET (MUST SEE!!!) (8 min 16 sec)
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