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Originally Posted by Gabbro
Well i was just wondering how do you all build an RC Plane from scratch? I guess yeah certainly many factors to consider. But my question is mainly about how do you fix one up and what do you need? Once you have gotten what you need, what do you need to do? I'm particularly wondering about how do you manage the tailfins etc or how do you manage where the plane turns to and speed. Thanks there all. Im not sure if theres an FAQ on this around, but im still gonna ask as i need some sort of support all into one thread :S

Thanks there,
Well, if you read some folk hereabouts, it starts with applying for a credit card

Seriously - honest, I am being serious - you start with the aerodynamics. Every flying surface has to adhere to the laws of aerodynamics - break them and there's no court of appeal. However, as model aircraft don't follow the same criteria as, say, airliners, it isn't all that hard. Lots of searching and reading will see you just fine. If you wanted a good, solid source of info, I'd suggest anything written by the late Chuck Cunningham - he did a series of articles on how to size the various parts of a sports RC model some years back - mid 1980's perhaps? - in RCM magazine. If they haven't appeared someplace on the web, I'd be amazed.

Structure - pick your fancy - 'traditional' wood, 'traditional' foam, thin sheet foams, whatever and go read up on them.

Flying - vastly under-rated by some present-day folk who think a landing that leaves their foamie in one piece is good, never mind where it occurs, but if you're going to make the first take-off with a multi-motored, multi-winged canard floatplane autogyro, best you be a pretty good pilot all round

"Own Design" (OD before the Politically Correct Police showed up ) is addictive, however. The pinnacle is when you line up your creation on the runway for flight one, knowing that no-one has ever flown this model before -sure beats being the first to buy one of a zillion cheap crappy copies that just came off the boat from you-know-where. OD does't even have to involve complicated, offbeat, unusual or scale modelling way-out fullsize aircraft that should never have gotten out of the hangar - that it's all yours, from concept doodle, though buildable plan to flying model is what it's all about.

Heck, with modern foams, you can even have some instant gratification too

So - Go forth and read up

the attached image is of my latest - it's a 200% 'super large scale model' of a rubber powered FF model, sublty fudged to take radio and fly behind a handy spare outrunner. It's not technically my 'own design', but pretty close. Foam does not play a large part in this one


Who is up to maybe forty original designs, but is too busy on the next one to count up...
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