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I build all my aircraft from scratch, but I had a few kits under my belt before I started. These kits were balsa though not foam, my knowledge of working with foam I have picked up by reading and experimenting.

For most of my aircraft I really don't need a hobby shop. I use styrofoam acquired from packing that my family and friends save for me. I use packing tape for covering, adding strength and aesthetics.

I do use balsa for my control surfaces ie: ailerons, elevator, and rudder, and framing the tailfeathers. However, it is a very small percentage, and any light wood would do for these purposes.

I start a project by finding three views of the aircraft I want to build, or just start with a wing (as mentioned above) and build a plane around it.

Build yourself a hot wire foam cutter, tell everyone you know you want styrofoam, get some packing tape, and start experimenting.


Welcome to RCG. Everything you need to know is here, you just have to search for it.

Here's a plane built with scrap foam, and colored packing tape.
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