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Now I'm not trying to be funny, but the best place to start with model planes if you want to do just about everything yourself, and learn as you go along, start with chuck gliders.

Not radio control, or the ready to fly models, but chuck gliders.

A chuck glider will teach you more about how and why a models flies, what flies best, and what happens when you get it right, (usually a great big grin from ear to ear).

A few weeks or months, (or even years if you really get hooked), will give you a really good idea about model design, building techniques, repairing, (very important), and best of all it's very very cheap.

It's easy to then take the next stage of building a bigger glider and adding radio control. A lot of fun can be had from RC gliders.

The next step would be to add power to a glider. All the time you are learning and building up your experience, and building up your 'bits and pieces' that you need. Eventually you will probably be a proud model builder and flier, getting much enjoyment out of the hobby.

Or the easiest route, (which a lot of people prefer these days), is to buy a ready to fly model, go out and throw it in the air and hope you wont break it too often. Eventually you will probably own a lot of broken models that you don't care about as it's easier to buy a new will also be a lot poorer in more than just money.

Enjoy your hobbying future.
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