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[QUOTE=Dave EichstedtThe Radian does require a much larger flying area, however! For a beginner, think about an open area at least the size of a football field, preferrably two. It has an amazing L/D (glide ratio), especially if you're not used to flying sailplanes. It takes a little practice to master the energy management to make a spot landing. The good thing is that with rudder/elevator sailplanes, it's very relaxing. Things don't happen too fast, and they're usually fairly smooth.

Many people have flown sailplanes as their first R/C aircraft, including me.

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If this bird has a good L/D but no ailerons or spoilers, then it would really be tricky to land in a confined area. Better to decide to land w/ enough battery for a couple of go-arounds. Or do some really pronounced S-turns on final or gentle stalls if you are a risk-taker.
I have encountered a lot of rising air bubbles on final to make any sailplane hard to land inside the same zip code.
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