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Originally Posted by rjmanzuk
Thanks, Dan. Now, THAT's the size model I was hoping the new electrified PA bipe would be. I've been playing with the notion of electrifying the H9 46% Ultimate TOC now for more than two years, and so far, the thing is just too heavy (42 lb), so the motors and ESCs and battery sets available (and just barely) for that conversion (... one that would fly like Chip's gasser) are prohibitively expensive. I KNOW that Shaun could cut that weight WAY down with his fiber-fusion designs, and find a couple of good electri-propuslion mixes out there that would do wonders. Must be that the best market is in the AMR size range, and not a biggie like I was hoping for?
I agree, i have flown the 46% Ultimate and man that thing flys nice, but definately way too much $$ to electrify it.. its just easier to go fo the traditional 150cc gas engine, Overall I have to say i'm happy with the PA 30 - 40 size planes because since we lost our main field its really hard to have a good place to fly big planes, and with this size planes they can be flown pretty much in any decent sized park and yet they still provide awesome flight performance found in big planes!
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