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Just saw him over the Labor Day weekend at an airshow here in Cleveland. Friend works for Oracle so got a chance to meet and greet and see the plane. Second or 3rd version and it is a modified Pitts/ Challenger in this version everything was rebuilt due to the stresses placed on the last airframes. They commented his engine could probably lift two or three of these frames. It is really a sick power set up as many of us place on our planes. He did pull the plane up from level flight across the show line to a 90 degree and just hang it there for quite a while. he went from stop and climbed and then did one of the longest tail slides (with control as he was calling all of his maneuvers with an open microphone during most of his performance) that he told the audience that this power set up and plane allowed him to fly backwards.

Walking pace high-alpha pass he does is amazing as well as his ability to fly down the show line with the nose of the Challenger facing you. It truly is the most powerful (thrust to weight & performance) bi plane out there. You Tube everything you can on Sean Tucker and the Oracle Challenger and you will be even more excited about the AMR

there are a few 50% and 55% Challengers out there that are pretty cool to watch

50% Pitts Challenger (2 min 47 sec)

I have flown Bipes for 3 years now and there are things I can do with them based on their set ups that I am only now getting the mono wing to do with control. A very good pilot (like all of you) will be amazed at the maneuvers you will be able to come up with. I have found that low light Bipe flights can cause some pucker with orientation and wing overlap. good idea to have some distinctive pattern on the bottom of both wings.
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