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Originally Posted by larryross
Jetset44... Has anybody thought about making it a little bigger? I am old and slow I need a plane that is at least 60" and can fly slow. What do you think increasing the size will do to the fly-ability? I thought about doubling the plans, in fact I have them printed. I am in the middle of a couple of builds right now. Sure would like to start this one now. Let me know what you think about doubling the plans to 2x and what problems you think I might run into.

Sure, if built larger but similarly the wing loading would get even lighter and the model would get slower and easier to fly. Doubling the plans would result in a LARGE airplane for a foam model, but it'll work. Keep in mind the wing loading on this bird is only 8 oz/sq ft as is, which is light even by parkflyer standards! So this model slows down quite well already at the current size, I think. But it'll be even easier to fly at double the size.
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