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Hi Bill, thanks for your reply.

I've never had anything from Eagletree and would be starting from scratch so I have a few questions pertaining to what I need now and what it is going to ultimately cost to do what you show in the OSD PRO description.

1)What is the OSD complete package you have now priced at $264.97 on your website?
That package includes our eLogger, our GPS, and our standard OSD Expander.

Of those 3 pieces, only the standard OSD Expander needs to be replaced to upgrade to the Pro system.

This package includes everything you need to display and log: Voltage, Current, mAH, groundspeed, Home Arrow, Distance to Pilot, GPS altitude, GPS position, Wattage, Rx Hits.

2)Is that the package I need to get started right now, it's backordered you know?
Yes, that's all you need for the above features. Of course, we have lots of other sensors you can add as needed.

We sold out of the OSD Expander but should be getting more in about 1 week. That's why the package is backordered.

3)And then the OSD PRO will cost only an additional $20?
4)Just doing a little math, so to do what you show in post #1 is only going to cost me $284.97 overall?
That is correct. When the OSD Pro Expander is available, you just return your standard OSD Expander to us, and we send you the Pro Expander for $19.99 + shipping.

5)And I don't need anything extra to show that data you have shown in post #1?
Post # 1 has the following additional sensors, which are displayed in the text lines top and bottom:

* two "micro" temperature sensors
* airspeed sensor
* barometric altitude sensor
* brushless RPM sensor
* servo current sensor
* receiver voltage sensor
* G-force Expander
* Spektrum FlightLog interface cable

Of course, none of these are required for a fully functional OSD, and they can be added later just by plugging them in and setting up the software.


Bill, for Eagle Tree
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