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Originally Posted by billpa
Hi Bushman,

With RADAR, the center of the screen marks the takeoff point, in a "bird's eye" view. The location of the small circle, relative to the center of the screen, indicates where you are on a map, relative to home, north up, bird's eye view.

The line on the small circle is the home arrow. If you need to turn right 20 degrees to get to home (based on your present course) the line will point to 20 degrees.

The only reason for combining the home arrow with the RADAR circle was because that's similar to what F-16's do. :-) Of course, we can separate the home arrow from the Home RADAR feature, and perhaps we should. We could make the home arrow a separate gauge at the bottom of the screen, or a line orbiting the center.

Ah ok. The center of the screen is takeoff point, the circle is the aircraft. The line doesn't point to home relative to the birds eye view with north up. Instead it points to home relative to your current heading.

Would seem a little more intuitive to just have the line point in the direction of the aircraft's heading and let the user's brain decide witch way to turn
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