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Cool, glad to see the interest in this model! I'm sure enjoying mine and hope you guys enjoy it, too. So here's the big question--who's gonna be the first one to get one of these in the air? I have little doubt one of you will have one flying by this weekend!

To answer your questions:

JelleB - The kV of the Grayson motor is 2200.

Galloping Ghost - Thanks! No, I haven't tried elevons only and personally I wouldn't want to. Having the elevator right in the prop blast gives GREAT controllability both in the air and in the water. That's one of the things that makes this model so much fun to me, and is definitely work the added complication.

rmgmag - Sorry to hear that lightning got your Northstar! Yes, this model is built entirely of 6mm Depron. But Bluecore foam would work fine, too.

walt b - Yes, that's Juanita Bay park on Lake Washington in the video. It's only a mile from my house so it's a very convenient flying spot!

birdofplay - Yes, I've become a huge fan of flat foam wings on parkflyers. The performance benefit of an airfoiled wing would be very small, but the building complication and weight would be MUCH higher! For this particular application, an airfoiled wing is just not worth the extra effort.

crxmanpat - Sounds like a great idea! Yes, this model would still have plenty of thrust and even higher top speed with the 5.5x5 prop, and should work off grass fine. I'll post a video soon of my model flying off grass to show how well it does it.

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