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Here are first a full size plan, and then a tiled version. I tiled it using sketchup (20 pages but 8 are blank, not very well cropped), may try using scale & tile to see if I can get a better/smaller version. A couple of comments about the plan. I used 2" foam for the monobloc on the prototype. That made for a narrow fuse, but I made the plans more like the real plane in width but will require adding layers to achieve the 2 7/16 to 2 1/2" thickness. The wing of the real Beaver is a high aspect ratio, very long and narrow wing. I cheated the plans to make a slightly wider chord, but it still comes out to 44" span vs the 33" of the Blu-Baby it was developed from. I cheated the wing saddle on the original so that I could use a lower aspect ratio wing if need be, but made the patterns for the current wing. This wing (44"x6") flies the plane nicely if not as aerobatically as the blu-Baby. The wing construction is a "sortof" KFM. I made a UC wing using gpw's bendfoam jig, then added a lower doubled surface at front 40% of the topsurface (bottom step) It's got skewers on leading edge with Gorilla Glue and packing tape, and glued and taped center joint. Rubber bands hold it to fuse. Fuselage has 1/8" incidence built in.
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