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Heres a short intro on how to get your plans into sketchup.

First select your plans. check to see if sketchup will accept the file type. If not find a converter or another program to load the files into, then save as the filetype you need.

The files I picked were in .gif good for I opened them in photoshop...then saved them as a ok for sketchup..

Using the sketchup program....goto file-import the topview page of the plan and open it.

use it as an image

your image will come into sketchup attached to the pointer.
Place the image at the axis point an stretch it to a reasonable size.
The image now needs to be moved and rotated to line the centreline of the model along the red axis line.
I used the rotate tool first to swivel the plan until the red axis looked parallel, then I used the move tool to pull the plan exactly on the line

dont worry if it takes a while to get the hang of the can always use the undo to go backwards

when youve got it exact you should use the select arrow to select the plan then convert the selection to a group,,,,3 clicks on the plan will select all
As it is a group you can now lock it to prevent any changes, also you can assign it to a this as well....make a new layer, then in the info box for the group you can put the group to the new layer.. this will now let you hide or show the layer, as you like
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