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52" Pterodactyl

Hi, Jim

I didn't get a chance to fly it yet due to poor weather conditions.
I have it covered in transparent covering, but waiting for better weather
conditions to get some good outside pictures of it, I added servo doors,
to make it easier to set, and adjust the servo arms. I also added some 1/16"
balsa to the trailing edge of the wing to eliminate that step where the ends
of the trailing edge meets the ribs, I just sanded it to taper into the lazer
cut trailing edge pieces, if you look close at the last picture you can see
where it feathers out about half way to the next rib from the ends of the
trailing edge of the wing where the ailerons meet. I'm using a 4/ch reciever
so I will set the differential in the ailerons by setting the servo arms forward
of center, that way I get more up than down on the travel of the ailerons,
thats how we used to do it befor computer radios. Here are a few pictures.
as soon as the weather clears up I'll send more pictures. Oh yah my 80" kit
arrived, and as soon as the hardware arrives I'm going to get started on it.
all the hardware I ordered is due the 11th, and 12th, can't wait! I hope the
weather clears up so I can at least fly while I'm waiting.

Ralph V.
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