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Mine uses an E flight 15 motor,with a 12x7 apc. With the motor you have expect 85+ deg climbs.You might want to put 3 deg right and about 5 deg down on that for the thrust lines.The power system you have sounds awsome,but do make sure the wing is flat as per plan so no surprises come at you.On the fuse put a doubler of 1/8 light ply from the cut outs left from the kit on the inside of the fuse behind the former at the back of the wing,even if you use the bolt on wing the aft dowel holes are a weak point.While you are stiffening things up,add some corner gussets to the stab,don't worry the motor and battery will offset the weight.To cool the works use a plastic spoon scoop on the battery hatch and remove the covering from the last lightening hole in the fuse bottom.scottie
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