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Nitikin-Shevchenko IS-1(I-220) Polymorphic Fighter for Scratch Build Off 3

Ok Fellas,
I've been lurking these build-offs for some time. I never jumped in because I always seem to discover them a bit late and I'm a slow builder. I'm also not a very prolific designer/scratch builder, and have never sold or published anything so this is a pretty ambitious first project. But, its one I've had in my files for some time and have been wanting to do.

So, without further ado, I present the Nitikin-Shevchenko IS-1 Polymorphic Fighter. The IS-1 was the first of three (IS-1, IS-2, IS-4) experimental fighters built. As you can see, the variable wing geometry concept was quite ahead of its time and pretty much lost (though briefly revisited from time to time) to history until the swing-wing fighter jets. The reason I chose the IS-1 was that it was a conversion of a Polikarpov I-153 fighter which has such an iconic "look" of the time to me. IS stands for Istrebitel Skladnoj (Folding Fighter) and was succesful enough to spur further development.

As I understand it, first conceived around 1938, the basic concept was to reduce the landing and manuvering speeds of the cantilevered biplane designs that were prevalent Russian fighter philosiphy of the time. First flown on Nov 6, 1940, The IS-1 would take off in low speed biplane mode, then retract its landing gear and lower wing for high speed mode. Of course, monowing designs, which were in parallel development, soon emerged as a more viable solution.

I'll edit this with more information as I progress.....hopefully.

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