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I never said there was a big benefit, other than they are much more readily available from a variety of sources. What if you have a crash and need to replace a few cells in a pack (this has happened to me as recently as my last crash...). My local hobby shop carries E-Techs, if I'm in a real hurry, or I can get them from a variety of online sources in a day, if I'm not. While I applaud Charlie Wang's support to the RC world, and I truly believe he will do well, the fact of the matter is that unless you have a "special" connection, like you or Gary Wright or Fred or whoever, these things are anythng but "readily available", which I define as my being able to call somebody or go to a website and being able to get what I need in a day or two (my wife says I'm the poster child for impulse buyers so that probably has a lot to do with it...). From what I understand of the current acquisition procedure for TPs, you send Charlie an email, telling him what you want. He then responds, at some point, and tells you the price and tells you where to send a check, am I right? Maybe he does PayPal, but I don't know. Anyway, at some point in the TBD future you get the packs in the mail. Sorry, but that is not even close to passing my availability test.

Actually, the main reason I'm doing it is more to get a better understanding of the limits of LiPos in general, and E-Techs in particular. I understand that the TP's are based on larger cells but that will change soon enough when the E-Tech 2000s and 3000s are "readily available". What I want to do simply is find what works and what doesn't (I'm getting lots of data in this area...). In any case, I'm certainly learning a lot. Maybe that will help others, maybe not. To me, having more data is better than less. Am I wrong?

As for why Aveox, that again was born out of my frustration of not being able to get the "right" Hacker motor a few weeks back, from anyone in North America. That just pissed me off and that's when I found these guys, right in my own "backyard". They've been very helpful and have easily satisfied my need for immediacy. Both motors came about 19 hours after I ordered them.

Anyway, enough of this. I need to go try the 2nd test, which is the same /2 and 4s6p configuration but with an 18T pinion. If I don't run into too many problems, I hope to try the 5s5p configuration with a 13T pinion tonight as well.

-- Gary
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