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Rusty, I have found that there is often a fine line between "flies like crap", and "flies great" when experimenting with prototype aircraft. The difficulty is sometimes in identifying what is causing the problem. The fixing itself is usually easy.
CG is always first to look at. Then wing incidence, then motor thrust angle.
Alot of times, if I can just get a squirrly model up high enough to kill the power and let it glide for a few seconds, I can usually diagnose the troubles.

On a Bibe or Tripe like you have , and the rising problem you describe, I would first fool with the CG. These short nosed planes can be a bear to balance. Maybe you need a lil more weight up there..?? Then take a long look at the incidence of the top two wings. Too much could be causing the rising, like you said.

Good luck!

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