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Baby DR-1 cartoon fattie (now with a video)

Otay, here is a new cartoon fattie I've been waiting to fly for several months now (prototype flew in the spring, months earlier yet). There was always something wrong when it comes to trying to maiden this plane - mostly bad weather, a few mechanical problems, borrowed ESC, etc.
Well, we gave it a go a few weeks ago, but it had ugly problems with wanting to fly "tail heavy" even when it was balanced. My belief is that I built-in way too much incidence in the main wing set, which makes it want to climb. After "landing" in the water, I set in more down elevator at the horn to compensate, and had to wait again. Weeks past by.
Yesterday we flew this plane, and it seemed to be the same, too much upwards flight (it could hover with the best of them, so maybe I should not complain ). Problem was I set the Tx trimming switch the wrong dang way! I mistakingly added more up elevator, causing my own problems. It did crash though, tossing free one of the wheels, and shaking loose the gear set too. After fixing the top wing we went out today to fly it again sans landing gear, and yet another problem arose. The rudder horn set-screw was loose, and it did not have rudder control in flight (it did have rudder control on the ground, though), so I set the plane down and we'll have another go another time.
I plan to post free plans for this one soon I hope at It all depends if I can prove to myself that this one will fly proper. Funny thing is, the original prototype did fly well, very well in fact, but this one is jinxed - it hates me. It might have something to do with the two inches I added to her fuselage in Number Two. She wanted to be short, fat and cute, I think, so she's punishing me. Planes are funny this way. Or maybe I need to get out more, suffering from cabin fever several months early...
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