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Im curious...

What is the benefit of running the ETecs over the Thunder Power cells?

A 4s4p Thunder Power pack has 7800 mah and weighs less than 22 ounces. Cost is $259, completely assembled, ready to charge and fly. Using a Hacker B50-13L motor the power and flight times are excellent.

A 5s5p ETec pack would weigh nearly the same as the above, yet only have 6000 mah and cost closer to $350. Not to mention, youd have to spend a few hours assembling the pack. Granted, you have a tad more voltage for the same weight, but you could achieve the same results using a 5s3p Thunder Power pack that would weigh less (19 ounces, 5800 mah), and cost considerably less too (Right around $250) than the 5s5p ETec option, AND come prebuilt.

Also, a good note is that the ETec 1200s still do not provide the same level of power as the Thunder Power cells. Under load, the ETec voltage is lower than Thunder Power cells at the same current draws...even current draws in the 20-30 amps range.

As for Hacker vs Aveox...I think its not a bad idea to run an Aveox motor at all! They do have excellent service and theyre right in your neck of the woods. I personally have a few of the newer Aveox motors in my planks and have nothing but excellent results and performance at a cost slightly lower than compareable Hackers.

Though I must admit I have Hackers in all my e-helis

Im just curious why youd choose the ETec route when the numbers for the Thunder Power cells are so much better for your application not only in performance, but in cost and ease as well?

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