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Originally Posted by customcarmaker
What is the differences between the J-3 and the Pa-18 super cub.
In addition to the fully-cowled engine (anywhere from 95HP to 150HP, depending on the vintage, and an STC that allows a 180HP Lycoming-- now there's a pistol if you've got the cash), the PA-18 Super Cub also features flaps. The later ones have corrugated sheet aluminum flaps. Also, the rudder shape is different-- more curvature to the trailing edge profile, where the J-3 has a straight trailing edge between the top profile radius and the bottom radius.

Physically, the Super Cub has larger, thicker-walled chromoly tubing longerons, to handle the higher horsepower, and there are other beef-ups as well, to accommodate the higher gross weight. Do a careful comparison of the Super Cub side-by-side with a J-3, and you will no doubt find other subtle differences between the two types, such as gas cap locations, cabin ceiling transparencies, etc.

In my dreams, I win the lottery, and go out the next day and buy a brand-new 180HP PA-18 Super Cub. I can't think of a more exciting plane to fly (I have about 5 hours of PA-18 time in my logbook-- fun times!)
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