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Thanks for the tips guys. I have been reading a bit more on E-zone and it seems what I have is the symptoms of a classic "dutch roll". This would indicate a lack of vertical tail area as I understand it. It is easy for me to cut a new tail, but to slide the booms back I would need to make new control wires (servos are fixed to the wing, not the boom). I'll try a new tail first with an angle of about 95 degrees, and slide the booms back if that doesn't fix it.

Boom flex is also a possiblity as you mention. Although I think then I would also see instability in pitch and a lack of elevator response. I only seem to have the instability in yaw, and it will pull clean tight loops with authority the way it is now. Anyway I will also try to brace thew booms a bit if I can figure out how to do it without adding too much drag.

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