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[EFLT] FW: Watts/Weight

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As I think about this some more, I realize that my memory must be faulty
(not the first time I have come to this shocking revelation !!).
Obviously, the wing area would have to be factored into this equation......a
brick could weigh the same as a 2 meter glider, but the watts necessary to
keep it in the air would be vastly different........

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Recent discussions regarding how many watts it takes to fly a 5 pound ship
reminded me that once upon a time someone had developed a table indicating
various weights and the watts necessary to fly them..... Of course, the
exact answer would depend on variables such as efficiency, etc.......but
there were 3 ranges given for each weight. For example (these numbers are
made up), for a weight of 3 pounds, the table would show 100-150-200 watts,
where the first was for maintaining flight, the second for mild aerobatics,
and the third for competition aerobatics.
Does anyone know of such a table.......or alternatively, a formula that
could be applied like this ??


Jim Houfek
Columbus, OH

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