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Logo 10, Aveox 36/30/2 and 4s6ps E-Techs, some numbers...

In my quest to find alternatives to Hackers and Thunder Power packs for use in a Logo 10, I've been trying different combinations of Aveox 36/30 motors and E-Tech 1200-based packs. The "common" Logo 10 configuration for TP packs seems to be 4s4p but since they use bigger cells (1950 vs 1200 mAh...) the E-Tech packs need to use more cells to have the equivalent "surge" capacity.

Anyway, I first tried a 13T pinion and an Aveox 36/30/1.5, which has a KV of 1980 (roughly equal to a B50-13L...) but it ran way too hot and I had a brief pack shutdown, indicating it was probably pulling in excess of 60 amps (in the middle of a hard turn...). Two heatsinks and a fan didn't help so I swapped the /1.5 out and put in a 36/30/2 (KV = 1460) and a 17T pinion. Initially, I couldn't get my Phoenix 45 to work with it. The motor would just "twitch" or "single step", no matter how I changed the settings in the PH 45. It finally burned itself up. I bought a second one but it did the same thing.

After frying my second Phoenix 45 (still not sure why these won't work with the Aveox motors. I tried changing everything I could but all it would do is "single step" until the controller starting smoking...), I decided to try the "brute force" method and got a Hacker/Jeti 06-70P. Although it doesn't have a governor mode, it has worked flawlessly since I first hooked it up.

Anyway, I clamped the Logo down to a concrete patio counter and hooked up the wattmeter. Initially I tried the 36/30/2, which has a KV of 1460, with a 17T pinion. I just used a "norma" throttle curve (0, 25, 50, 75, 100).

I started "easy" and checked everything at about mid-stick. This should be close to what it takes to hover. At this point the readout showed around 275-280 watts and it was drawing 21.5-22.6 amps and the tach showed 1290 rpm. At about 2/3 the watts went up to 337 and the current 27.4 amps. It maxed out at about 3/4 with 478 watts/42.7 amps and 1510 rpm. Full stick (with full pitch...) actually slowed the H/S a bit.

To test the temps I ran for about ten minutes, mostly at mid-stick, but every minute or so I'd run it up to 3/4-max for 10-20 seconds. At the end the motor was a "cool" 98 degrees and the packs were at 105, not even warm to the touch. The "open" end of the ESC was the hottest at 115 degrees.

This setup, with a H/S of only 1510 would be considered "mild" by most so tomorrow I'm going to try an 18T pinion to see what it does to the numbers. Next will be a test using a 5s5p configuration (E-Tech 1200s...) and a 13T pinion. I don't know if anybody has tried the equivalent of 16 NiCd cells before in a Logo 10. I guess it is because of the weight penalty but with LiPos this isn't a problem as a 25 cell pack only weighs about 1-1/2 pounds, about the same as a 10-cell NiCd/NiMH pack. I'm really anxious to see how much less current it will draw for the same number of watts. This will probably be my "final" setup, although I don't know about the optimum pinion yet. Anyway, it should have oodles of power and run very cool. I may not even need the fan and the heatsinks, which are shown in a couple of pics below.

-- Gary

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