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Originally Posted by ChargerF18
Hello, My name is Luke and im new to the whole foamy scene but love these 6mm aircraft and want one bad. Have a few newbie questions i fly all complete kits(ie aircraft, radio, electronics already installed and ready to go). What is a good radio to purchase to fly these aircraft, not looking for something that will cost me an arm and a leg but a good all around radio, that will work?? Also i was reading that the kits come with everything to build them, but i noticed does it come with the CF rod or do i buy that separate?? Also like i said new to the foamys and building from scratch or from a kit thats cut out, but does it have good directions so if i do have any questions during the building process??

Thats all for now, thanks for listening!!

The 6mmflyrc quick build kit is fairly complete but you do have to do some beveling of the tab slots and a few other things to fit it all together. The control rods are junk and you will have to decide where to install your servos and cut the slots yourself and the motor mount is minimal. As for the instructions, they are OK but nothing special. They just took the same instructions they provide for their other planes and tweaked them a bit to account for the differences. The plane is fantastic and flies excellent but the kit could use some work. On the other hand the YardbirdRC YB-22 kit and instructions are about as complete as you will ever find. The foam is black depron so painting is not needed if black is OK with you and it comes with lots of decals to really dress it up. The YB-22 does not have the aerobatic range or agility of Tomhe's design but it is an excellent bird in its own right. I ended up buying both kits and have to say the YB-22 kit is the best but Tomhe's design makes up for what the 6mmflyrc kit lacks. If your new to building and not too confident you may want to buy the YB-22 kit. If you do not mind making a few mistakes and want a really high performance plane then the 6mm kit is the way to go.

As for the instructions here are links that will get you to both instructions sets. You can decide for yourself from there.

Oh! Neither kit comes with adhesive so you will need to get that no matter what kit you decide on.

For either bird I would recommend using a radio capable of programming in exponential. It really smooths out your flying and allows for very low level, high speed passes without a lot a twitching around. I us a Hitec Optic 6 that goes for $190 or the 2.4 GHz DX6i from Spectrum for a little less money. Both are programable and have 6 to 8 model memory. I think that if you do not have exponential dialed in you will not be able to achieve full performance from either plane.

Have fun.
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