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Yeah I think you will come out to at least the weight I have, although I'm sure I read somewhere that there might be a few hundred grams difference in the weight of the airframes, so maybe yours is a little lighter than mine (or heavier).

I just cut a hole and made a hatch out of ply. I covered the hatch, and to waterproof, I put some kitchen plastic wrap over the bottom of the ply hatch, and then put a layer of bathroom silicon around where the hatch screws on, then screwed it down, wiped away the excess, and let it dry overnight. Then unscrewed it and peeled the plastic away. I then screwed it down and using my finger (with a surgical glove on), and rubbed a light layer of silicon along the edge all around where the hatch sits. I don't know if this is 100 per cent waterproof, but it would be pretty close, and I didnt see water going up there at anytime while on the water anyway, so think it is good enough. In fact, initially, I just used some foam tape on the hatch like I did on the rear hatch, except that the piece of ply I used for the front one, was a little warped, so ended up doing this. You might be able to just use some of the supplied foam tape.

I just made a simple battery tray from ply with a couple of bits of balsa down the sides,and use a piece of hook and loop velcro to hold the battery down. If using a bigger battery like you are going to use, it probably will end up a bit nose heavy if you put the tray in the same place. If I were you, I would cut the hatch out back from where I did, starting from where the cabin is, which will give you more room to get your hand in, plus you can then cut away the ply cross internal brace further back from the one I did, which will give you more chance of getting the balance right.

In fact, dont do the hatch and battery tray until last. Get everything else in there and the plane finished first, so you can work out about where the battery will need to go to get the right balance.

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