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Originally Posted by PeteSchug
You just have to look at their treatment of Bob Hoover to know how monsterous they can be.

from wicked pee:

Medical Controversy
His air show aerobatics career ended over medical concerns, when his medical certificate was revoked by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the early '90s. Some in the aviation community believed that the controversial suspension, reversed after legal proceedings, was actually a "stalking horse" in the ongoing debate over the mandatory retirement age for US commercial pilots.

Ironically, shortly before the revocation, Hoover had proved his still considerable skills by making a difficult dead-stick landing in densely-populated Torrance, Calif., after his engine had failed miles out over the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, Hoover was granted a pilot's license, and medical certificate, by Australia's aviation authorities[1], enabling him to fly in any part of the world other than the United States.

Hoover's FAA medical certificate was eventually reinstated, but the damage had been done he was unable to get the insurance necessary to perform, due to the company's fears. Hoover continued to fly his P-51 Mustang at shows, sometimes in tight formation with Yeager, but the Shrike Commander act was over.
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