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There has been talk in the past about putting on shows at AMA fun fly events. The underlying problem there is once again Rule #10 and the way many AMA clubs are 'legally bound by contract' to stick to it. Therefore it makes it very hard to give positive exposure at such events. The same 'legal binding' is why I suggested we leave FPV flying up to the field safety officer the plane will be flown at.

Next is how vast the United States is and how spread out know FPV'ers are. Meaning your FPV neighbor may be a state or several miles away from you. Luckly here in the DC Metroplex we have a few FPV'ers. Earlier this Summer three of us were able to attend a fly in event at the Capitol Area Soaring Association. This event lead to the distribution of IF Pilot View equipment at one of the local hobby stores. We had a very positive experience at the hosting field and hope to of left a very positive impression of those attending. For the record we were using a spotter during the event due to the large amount of people attending. We wanted to present the safest FPV flying possible.

We, and by we I mean the community, have talked about hosting events in the different districts throughout the United States. Once again it kinda fizzles out due to lack of a hosting site. Personally I'd put a motion out to our board to host an event at our field here in Northern Va. The drawback right now is we're currently leasing a new field and don't want to go overboard with our activities. If someone could host an event in say PA, or DE, I'm sure we could draw a large crowd from the surrounding states. On the other coast I'll probably ask the coordinators of the Arizona Electric Fest if a few FPV'ers, including myself, could put on a demonstration. That event has been held every January for the past couple years. It seems with its remote location a few people would jump on the idea of flying over the Arizona desert.

Right now I've demonstrated FPV in about 3 different states. I've only had one bad experience displaying FPV. This was due to the clubs contractual agreement with the county. The rest have been very positive and I've been invited back to fly at those clubs at any time.
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