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The guidelines are a huge improvement, and I support the rules and this document is trying to accomplish.

There are a couple things in the rules that worry me though. They are just some small detials that still seem link FPV to UAV's instead of just being RC model planes. The visibility requirement makes our model airplane sound more like UAV's and make them sound " Non RC Model ". I think references to airspace also are dangerous, because anyone reading that gets them into the " Airplane " or " UAV " mindset. Its inevitable, when you start taking about controlled and uncontrolled airspace the mindset changes from RC Models to Aviation, not a good thing for us. I would make the rule something like " Limited to areas that are currently acceptable for model airplane flight "

I dont like the idea of a recommendations section. Recommendations written in rules always become law, or are interepered as law. Nothing should be written in the " Rules " that you do not intend to be a rules, because that is what will happen in the end.

This is a vast improvemnt over the last draft, the intent of this document is something I fully support. We are accomplishing a lot here, and it is worth it taking the time to do this correctly, and get a good document rather than rushing trough the first thing that comes up. Should we revise this a bit more, I think so, not the rules, but maybe just some of the wording, but its not my choice. What I do know is that we should most definately not rush this, we need to take the time to read and think over everyones comments and ideas to assure that we have the best set of rules written using the best language to take to the AMA.

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