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Originally Posted by GeneR
You can bind any number of receivers (of the same type) to a transmitter. So you could simply bind the new receiver in the T28 (I am using a 6100). The only potential problem would be the servo direction for the T28. Since the DX5 is not a multi memory transmitter you might have to change the servo direction on the transmitter when you switch models.

For example in my DX6i I have one memory called "Parkflyers" that I bind all my foamy planes to. I just make sure that when I set the model up all the servos go the correct direction (easy to do with a foamy). I have 6 models which all are bound to this memory.

Thanks also gene

i hope that i can do what you say and it is not to much trouble switching the servo,if need be done,worst case is its to much of a pain i would wait and use the stock tx and rx in the t 28 til i can buy or wife lets me buy a dx61 ha ha

Thanks Ron
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