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DX5 transmitter

Thanks for the reply steve,that is what i am looking to find out,i do not care about re trimming each plane,i just want to make sure i can drop a receiver in the t 28 and i will be able to use the DX5e with it, i would like to have the dx6i but for now its the plane or the TX so i will get the plane and just buy a new receiver for the t28 and later get the dx6i with all the bells and whistles, i just want to be able to fly both planes with the same tx and not worry bout interference,manual trimming for each plane is not a problem,i have not had many glitching problems with the t28 ,sometimes in my development it will jump for a second but i never lost control,i am just afraid someone else will turn on one of these 72mgh nearby and crash me, i also fly at a local field and an abandend air field and and have no problems with interference at those 2 sites i just like the idea of the dsm2 with no chance of someone stepping on my signal

Thanks Ron
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