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thanks the both of you...
somehow people got pissed off at nothing in the post over at the park flier forum, and things are going nice and thankful here.
goofup, I read your page for newbies - I really liked it, although I wasn't a "newbie" err....well..maybe I still am anyway, it was actually the partial inspiration for this...
I am glad that folks appreciate my efforts to eliminate many problems, time, money, and broken hearts for those starting off. I feel that once you are started, you can learn and expl\and knowledge, and in time, find out of new and different manufacturers too, and become a great, professional level pilot - BUT, without any guidance at all - even from the internet or folks or the LHS, you'll never get anywhere. Anybody who has been on the home page of RCGruops has already learned a lot - about thermals (there are forums called thermal talk in the glider forums), all kinds of sizes of crafts are available, the fact that turbines are used, and much more stuff than you can think of.

THEN, those lucky enough to read my thread are already on a fine start with lots to think about and toss around...


P.S. I have edited the first two threads to cover more material and be a bit more general - I am not saying, "use a 555 reciever only, that's it, period." It changed it to more of "there are many recievers you can use, and one of the most popular ones is the 555, akthough almost any one will work great".
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