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Here's a finished model shot of the "Lucky ACE"

As mark said, it's named for my son, Aidan Charles Eberwein... I just had to do something with initials like that.

In talking with one of my dealers, Doug, and a couple other guys, I decided to update the Dandy GT. It took on a life of its own and ended up where you see it. I had put it on hold last year, but recently decided to build it, just for myself, as a fun non-work related project. Well, as these things happen, it came back as a full project again.

For flying characteristics, itís not a pattern plane, but on lower rates, it flies very crisp, goes where you point it, and responsive. Even with a 12% airfoil, it slows way down with the light wing loading. For 3D maneuvers, Iím still playing with it, but it seems to do most maneuvers. Knife edge, obviously, isnít going to be great because of the small side area, but itíll do just about anything else.

Doug was in Colorado Springs very briefly and I took him out to fly it, in the drizzling rain. When he gets home, Iíll let him tell you exactly what he thinks. To sum it up though, he loved it.

It has 2 landing gear mounts so you can change between tail-dragger and trike options.
With both mounts, I can see setting up floats with no modifications to the airframe at all.

Wing Span: 40 In.
Wing Area: 344 Sq. In.
Length: 32.4 In. (From firewall to back of rudder)
Weight: 16 to 17 Oz.
Airfoil: 12% Symmetrical
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