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Notes about performance/accuracy:

In my testing of 4 units over the past few months they have all delivered according to the claimed specifications. The only significant variation is the reported input voltage which shows the voltage sensed after the input FET and hence is lower than what you measure at the output of the power supply. This offset varies with load due to the resistive drop across the FET. However it should be noted that it is in no way a problem and the really critical voltage measurements, those of the cells, are all within the specified tolerance.

As mentioned earlier the "ICharger IC6" is an unrelated product and its performance says nothing about the iC106B/1010B.

MadMax - Your point is very valid and often overlooked. However LiPo cells are quite sensitive to overvoltage so a "few hundredths of a volt" can indeed make a difference to long term performance and to safety. The difference between 4.17 and 4.20 can be 20 to 50% lifetime reduction. The difference between 4.29 and 4.3? can be a fire. I think genuine 10mV precision and accuracy is an appropriate specification for a safe and good quality LiXx charger. Many claim it, not all deliver it. Based on my measurements I believe that the iC106B and 1010B do.
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