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Originally Posted by thomasscherrer
2.8V is fine with me, as long as it is 2.8V over GND ?
and not floating some where 3-5V ?
my PPM input signal goes into a 3.3V microcontroller, after a pull up resistor, 100k
and a series resistor 270 ohm, and a 3.3V zener protection diode.
so I guess a 2.8V PPM signal will work just fine with me.
lets see a scope picture ?
try to load the signal with 100k to gnd and to + battery voltage ?
to indicate if the signal is super high impedance and can maybe not handle any load ?
Yes 2.8V over gnd, I attach an scope pic below, unfortunatly canīt do those test you propose because Iīm not at home till next week. Will do it though
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