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Here this bike is brand-new on the market, and even though it appears to be nothing more than a 60 dollar toy, one detail stands out to me like a lighthouse on a foggy night:

The rider doll is properly proportioned and looks like a properly scaled replica of a human figure (not a fat little mis-shapened dwarf with long ape arms and stubby little legs) and he actually moves side to side on the bike when you make turns.

Some of the other manufacturers out there turning out "hobby-grade race-ready" bikes really need to wake up and take notice here. IMO, the most tricked-out rc bikes on the planet still look like crap running with the standard rider doll I see 98% of the time. Anatomically about as incorrect as you can get, head looking straight down at the tank, hands attached all low on the fairing instead of in the vicinity of where "handlebars" would be, feet sticking straight back nowhere near where footpegs would be. If the doll even has feet in the first place, half of the dolls I see are missing their feet altogether. That's the real reason why I chose a HOR as my first bike over a TT or NF, it has a rider doll that actually looks human and moves on the bike like you'd have to on a real 1:1 bike...
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