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We have not heard from Mike again on this thread so I will assume our answers pointed him in the right direction. I recommended using an existing design so Rich's inquiries seems a relevant continuation to me.

Rich, the differences between source and hex on the free flight version were probably due to late changes. The source should be the most recent.

I had problems getting it to work initially. I changed so many things I can't remember what the breakthrough was. Advice I will give though is once you get it working keep a copy before making more changes! To that end, I have taken the last four versions that I noted in the file name as 'working'. They are in a zip file on my site. Hopefully these will help you find one that works and then debug from there. I have some older version with fewer mods if these don't work.

I used the LED, beeps and EEPROM for debugging. For instance, add code to switch the LED on before branching to state1 to confirm that the program gets that far. Then keep moving it down the program until you find where the LED does not switch on. Comment out the call to evaluate_stall as it may be preventing the motor from running. I had problems writing to EEPROM sometimes so comment those steps out perhaps. Measure current draw to see if fets are on or off while the motor is not running.

Hopefully my older versions will help. Please let me know if you find any bugs or can improve the code.
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