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Been browsing this site for years but it's the first time I really need help. I want to thank you for the effort you put into the ff esc project but I am having a couple problems:

The motor does not start by itself. Setting duration, beeps, flashes work but motor only runs if I give it a "push" by hand. Several motors (HC 2g, 5g, 9g purple, 10g, 16g 2211, 19g 1806, 24g "blue wonder", etc) and 4 modified 6a ESCs all do this. Many different props, big and small. Motor gives no sign of wanting to start itself but runs fine if hand started then slows down as expected. Any clue?

Also noted that binary posted does not match that assembed from the source. Similar but many errors on compare of hex files. Both images behave similarly.

I've been at this for may months w/o success. Played with the 25a/18a ESC thread but the 6a is infinitely easier to mod and I really want the free flight feature. Has anyone else got this to work?

Would really appreciate any help. Thanks,


Originally Posted by David T
I found Bernhard Konze's 'Flea' code one of the simplest to understand. Although my goal was to convert it to a FF timer I put a great deal of effort into commenting his code and it still works as a normal ESC

The first few pages of this Microchip paper (AN1160) is quite good at explaining some principles

This thread will help you appreciate how hard it was designing these from scratch

Regards, David.
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