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Lucky, thanks, but this is not the thread for that. This is a thread of what to do to get started ****with a SS***, in MY opinion.
Thanks Morb!

Mr. Speed, thank you very much for pointing that out to me. Shame on me! I edited all links and went over them twice to check. If anyone could tell me if they all work now, I'd be very grateful.

Defranci: as far as on-board equipment (not taking about the charger, transmitter, etc) I'd say that is THE best combo one can have on their SS. WEll, maybe a Berg reciever would benefit, but that doesn't make that much a difference.
10.8oz AUP is really amazing! Mine, with a few heavy mods, and an 8 cell KAN pack is around 16oz... but it still flies like a dream! I too lend it out to anybody who is serious about RC has gotten two of my friends hooked...SO FAR!

Thanks all, glad I could help!

ALSO, please check - I added in another section to PART II.

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