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Hi Junsi,

when the new software is ready, could you implement this suggestion?

I also thought again about this:

Now I have come to the comclusion, that it would be best to change the chemistry first, so that one can change the parameters in the following order:

1) chemistry (LiFe, LiPo, LiIon)
2) current
3) cell count
4) cutoff voltage per cell (only in discharge mode)

Another cool feature I could think of would be the individual parameter memorization based on the chemistry. Right now, the charger only remembers the last parameters in each main menu (Lithium, NiMH, NiCd, etc).
It would be nice, if it could also remember the parameters in the submenus (LiFe, LiPo, LiIon).

One example:
I charge the following packs:
2s LiPo, 1A
3s LiIon, 0.5A
4s LiFe, 10A

The next time I go into the Lithium menu, the charger automatically switches to 1A and 2s when I chose the LiPo chemistry, as these are the last settings I used the LiPo chemistry with. When I chose the LiFe chemistry, the charger automatically switches to 10A and 4s.
It is very likely, that I will need the last settings, which I used with this specific chemistry, again, when I switch to a specific chemistry. It is not very likely, that I want to keep the current and cell count settings, when switching to a different chemistry.
When this feature, where the settings are memorized depending on the specific chemistry, is implemented, this would mean less programming work for the user.


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