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Night Flyer Mod with Removable LED (and, while I'm at it, here's my box mod)

I didn't want the extra weight of an LED during daytime flying, so I decided to make it removable. Here's a simple solution. Solder some spare LED leads onto the black and red wires between the battery connector and the brick. Stagger the solder connections front to back and put them on the outer edges of the wires to minimize chances of accidental contact, which would probably fry your lipo.

CA the newly soldered leads to the frame, with the leads pointing out towards the respective wingtips. If you use kicker, be careful not to hit the wing or it'll take off the coloring. Once the CA is thoroughly bonded, simply twist the leads of an LED onto your newly soldered leads. Do this before you plug in the battery. Make sure the LED is held snugly by its leads to avoid an accidental short. LED points straight up at the bottom of the center of the wing. Because the wing is translucent, it gets lit up top and bottom. Pull out your trusty multimeter on resistor setting and make sure the LED leads are not somehow shorting each other. Once you've double-checked the visual inspection to make sure you don't have a short, plug the battery in and let there be light.

The hatcam didn't pick up it up, but the LED lit up most of the wing, top and bottom. In the video, it only shows the central portion of the wing that was lit up the most. I sanded the LED to help diffuse the light a bit more to the wingtips. Actually, I sanded it before I put it on. It's easier that way. For daytime flying, simpy untwist the leads and take the LED off. Make sure the CA's leads are still pointing away from each other to avoid shorts. Not the most sophisticated approach, but I never claimed to be sophisticated.

Also, while I had the camera out, I took some pics of my box mod. I hinged a piece of foam board to the foam box that came with the Vapor. The closure straps are made of velcro and tape. The handle is made of tape, too. This is for the BNF version and I only carry the plane, no charger. May need to beef up the handle a bit if you're planning on carrying your tx and charger, and make sure that those heavier objects can't slide around and crush your poor, defenseless little Vapor.

Vapor Night Flying Mod (0 min 27 sec)
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