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The "casual" LSF IV 1 hour flight

Some days are just better than others. We started the day with a thick marine layer in southern California, which means foggy overcast skies. I launch the Topaz just as some blue stuff started peeking through in spots. Just for grins, I have them start a watch. If I can catch some lift now, the whole sky will be going up once the clouds break up and should make for an easy hour. I'm still being really casual about it, as I'd been skunked three weekends in a row when trying for my hour. It got so bad I left my TD planes at home and just flew the DLGs instead for a few weeks.

Sure enough, after about 15 minutes in the sky is about half blue and there is lift everywhere. There's a steady flow of guys launching and landing, while I'm basically ignoring them and flying my own thermals way up there. 40 minutes in and I'm sky'd out on the top of a large gaggle. Things are looking good and some of the guys start to notice that I've been up a long time. With 10 minutes to go, I'm about 1.5 times launch height and figuring I need one more ride to get me to the end. 5 minutes later I haven't found that ride and down to about 200 feet when Dave B tells me there's a guy on the other side of the field going up like mad. He points me to the farthest guy out and I put the nose down to get over there. Seems like it takes forever to hit the lift, but it's solidly there. Wrap up the turn and let her circle until the timer hits the hour mark. 53 seconds later, it's on the ground and it's all done. 1:00:53.

Thanks to my witnesses, Dave Bukovich and Don Northern & to all the guys flying and spotting air at the TOSS field.

Looks like I'll have to get the Topaz charged for another weekend when I can do the 4 hour slope....

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