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Originally Posted by Doubletap
...and it's available now:

Nice find for those that have gear already on hand to put in it, BUT, if you have to buy the stuff to put in it, did you add up the cost of what needs to go in the plane as compared to what comes with the HL package?

Plane: $111.25 USD
Fan/motor: $48.95
ESC 50A: $55
HS-55's x 5@ 13.99 each: $69.95
cheap 14.8v 4s 2200-2300 lipo: $57.85

Total: $343
HL selling the pre-order for $249

Now obviously some can knock off the 57.85 because they already have 4s batteries and most likely much better quality ones as the one in the list is a cheap no-name "Poly-Monster".
Of course, the ARF kit alone is great for those that want to hop up the plane and already have say a midifan on hand as well as maybe a 1400 watt LSJS as i do without having to "pay" for lower class stuff. But, if you think about it, unless you buy only the plane itself, you wont save anything. You still gotta buy the servos, or use something on hand(which you did pay for at some point), use an esc you may have which you also paid for, etc.

Im debating now what i should do...since I intend on putting the 1400 watt LSJS in the F-4, however, considering there's a decent 70mm fan in the HL package, I might just stay with the pre-order. The "lower class 4s battery" I can use say in one of my R/C boats.
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