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Originally Posted by imsofaman
I have the larger A123 cells. What amperage should I charge them at? I was being safe and charged @ 2 amps. What do you think the norm and the max amperages would be?

The more I go thru the settings.....the more I like this cool little charger! I like the individual cell voltage monitoring. Great little charger!

They ( 2300mahr ) are fine at up to as much as 9A...some people I know have even done them at 10A. They also discharged them at very high rates 70A+ in small bursts, and 50A constant... ran them down as low as under 1V each, and they are still performing well! As can be seen...generally speaking they are a lot more foirgiving than Lithium Polymer.
Charge slower and discharge less and stop at 2.5V if you want to be kind :-)
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