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Originally Posted by JustinMoore12
Had my first inverted landing today. Inv hover and had a brownout i guess. My receiver is toast, lost an antenna and havent sent it in for servicing (i know i know)
Anyways sheared the feathering shaft. Fun stuff.

I used to get the ocasional brownouts. Untill I found the culprit.

I am sure most have seen one of THESE

Well I have learned the hard way that this effect is similar to what happens with belt driven tail rotors on our Heli's. The rubber belt spinning around fast in the tail creates a build up of static that occasionaly will discharge on either the Gyro, a tail servo or the RX. Should this discharge make its way to the RX, it will shut it down for a moment.

Then the RX will come back on. In most cases you will regain the servo control for an attempt at autorotation. But the motor will either still be trying to initialize or will be in it's slow spool up phase before you make it down.

A fix?

I have been spraying the belt and both Main and tail gears with a Silicon spray. I apply it on the gears using a Qtip (Cotton Swab) and I spray the belt by sticking the tube in the right side slot. Little shots while spinning the blades.

This usualy lasts about 20 packs / flights. I inspect the belt (and Heli) after each flight and if the belt looks wetish <-- is that a word? then I leave it. If it looks dry I repeat.

I have not had a single power interuption ever since.

Those that have "Random power failure" or brownout, may be having a static discharge problem causing it.

Then again, it could be.

- Signal loss (Low TX bat)
- Faulty RX
- Faulty ESC
- Severed wire
- Short circuit due to vibration wear
- and other.

Just wanted to share my invisible, untraceable, I checked everything else and it looks fine, Ahhh Haaa I found it, fixed it, and now its flying great story with you.

Blades static on Trex 500 tail blades by G-Force Heli (1 min 18 sec)

Trex 500 ESD Anti-static Spray (3 min 46 sec)
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