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Well, there are some limits on the sizes of the rotors and motors:

Rotors can't get much bigger while still being made from that flexy black vinyl stuff, so there would be a weight and cost boost if they used wood or PP plastic instead.

Then, the motors and the flight mechanism themselves: the approach of using two mechanically decoupled motors and an electronic feedback mechanism for the gyro works reasonably well with 180 class or smaller motors, and also with the 370 class motors as it seems, but it has its limits: you need closely matched motors and a rather precise differential speed control, which is just not worth finetuning for larger motors/larger powers.

Also, a larger coax would have NOT to be FP, twin motor and with flexy blades: imagine getting blade clashes, death rolls, and uncontrollable, uncancellable spinning on a larger coaxial! They would lose their "toy" innocence, so to speak, and become much more dangerous than they are now.

Since the days where a CP coaxial with a single brushless motor will be as affordable as as, say, a Honey Bee King 2 are still too far away, we may see some hybrid approaches e.g. Single Motor, interconnected FP rotors and a tail rotor for yawing (I just hope they make shaft driven models too...). Hell, even a coax + pusher prop configuration is more probable than seeing an economic coax CP anytime soon!

In other words, there's the need for a more reliable design and different materials/mechanics/electronics to make an upscale coaxial beyond what has been already achieved.
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