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I have both and each looks and flies very well.

Both are very stable in flight and suitable for sport aerobatics or just flying lazy patterns.

On landing, the Mini Pulse seems to want to float forever. The Taylorcraft likes a nice descending approach and seems to be easier to do precision landings with. On the recommended high rates, both are very responsive.

The Taylorcraft seems to handle the wind a little better than the Mini-Pulse (up to 10 MPH).

With good Throttle management, and a TP 3s 2100 Lipo, I can get a good 15 minutes flight with each.

I fly my Mini-Pulse with the Eflite 450 outrunner and my Taylorcraft with the 480 outrunner. Although I fly the Taylorcraft "Scale", it has more than enough power for a little excitement. The Mini-Pulse can be docile and exciting as well.

Being tail draggers, ROG with the Taylorcraft needs more rudder input to prevent ground loops and for directional control both on the TO roll and climb out.

Both planes stall straight ahead without dropping a wing.

IMHO, they're both good planes for the intermediate pilot
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