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The superfly and superflea are both good. I don't have one, but a friend does Basically just little EPP delta's. Tough and nimble. I don't think they're great in wind though.

I had a tensor before as well. That was what motivated me to make a tougher plane. My tensor's nose broke off when a breeze blew it off the workbench. that 3mm depron is brittle. The plane I'm releasing is for all intents and purposes indestructible through flying and crashes. A giant scale plane with a 20" carbon prop would probably shred it, and I think a shotgun, blow torch or a sword could be used to destroy it. A crash won't hurt it though. I know that's hard to believe. I intend to post video to prove it soon enough. I can tell you it has been crashed hard enough to knock the magnet ring off the motor, and has had a midair hard enough to knock the other planes motor backwards about 1 inch and knocked his prop spinning backwards hard enough to notch in on his motor mount. My plane had no damage and kept flying. The hit was on the top of the wing, at one of the weaker areas of the plane.
For windy flying it can't be beat. I think that may be somewhat of a function of power system though. With 40mph pitch speed and 2.1:1 thrust to weight ratio you can power through any wind. I like to fly the foamy on days that it's too windy to put my other planes up in the air. That's kind of the opposite of what most people say about their foamies, but that's kind of the point.
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