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I have one I will be releasing soon. All 9mm EPP foam profile. 32" wingspan, similar to a katana, but not quite. I'm finishing up my final prototype version to just make sure the minor tweaks to the kit are not screwing something else up, and I should be cutting kits in a week or so. I have a day job and a 3 year old, so time is hard to come by some times. I can tell you that this plane bounces well. I have crashed my previous prototype over 300 times and flown it in combat several times. I swear you could literally pick it up, beat someone with it like a club until they were bloody, and then go fly it. And you wouldn't need to repair it. It's that tough. EPP on it's own is tough in a bouncy way, but tears easily. I've come up with a good formula for overcoming the weaknesses of the material, and spreading the loads and forces involved in flight and in crashes. It is stiff in flight, but flexes on impact. All you will break is props (or possibly motors, servo's rx's, esc's etc.) but not the plane. Part of its resilience comes from the use of use huge tube spars for support. The spars are .294" tubes or just over 8mm. For a look at my early prototype, which is not pretty, but flies great and is very tough, check out this thread.

I'll be getting my domain and website next week. I'm working on the instruction manual this weekend. So, hopefully I'll have some much better photo's and video to present to everyone soon.

As with anything like this, it takes more time than you think. Also, I'm wanting to make sure everything is right, so I don't screw up on my first venture into kit making.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'm sorry I don't have something better to show right now, but I'm working on it.
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